Brothers, Unite!

In BOTR, I learned how to be a responsible and hard working man – to deal with problems peacefully and stay away from trouble. I learned about brotherhood. BOTR is the best program I have ever been to.

– Carlos & Charlie, Brothers, UNITE! participants

Brothers, Unite! empowers boys to be successful, peaceful, responsible and active in their schools and communities – to grow into young men who are college bound and career ready. The program focuses on man-hood training and mentoring provided by older male youth and adults. After receiving a resiliency-building rites of passage curriculum focused on positive male identity confidence, conflict resolution and coping skills, participants receive leadership training towards the delivery of peer education workshops and social action projects to positively impact their communities. Key modalities are academic support, media literacy and production, as well as athletics, sportsmanship and outdoor education.

Brothers, UNITE! is now accepting enrollment for both returning and new participants for the school year. We will be at 6 afterschool sites:

  • Allendale Rec Center 3711 Suter St Wednesday 1:30pm-3:45pm
  • Arroyo Rec Center 7701 Krause Ave Tuesday and Thursday 2:45pm-5:30pm
  • Carmen Flores Rec Center 1637 Fruitvale Ave Wednesday and Friday 1:15pm-3:30pm (weds) 3:00pm-5:30pm (fri)
  • KIPP Bridge Academy 1700 Market St Tuesday and Thursday 4:00pm-5:30pm
  • Manzanita Rec Center 270 22nd Ave Wednesday and Friday 2:00pm-4:00pm (weds) 3:00pm-5:30pm (fri)
  • Franklin Rec Center 1010 E 15th St Tuesday and Thursday 4:00pm-5:30pm

To register, come into our office Monday through Friday from 10am-4pm or register online:

For more information contact: Elgin Webb (510)559-1590 EXT 104


 Lift a Brother Up

I’m doing this work to teach male youth to be leaders, and to learn things along with the youth. I never knew how much the community meant to me until I started working with BOTR. I discovered that I really want to work with children of color.

– Freddymar & Charles, Lift a Brother Up participants

Lift a Brother Up exposes young men to community benefit careers and empowers them to achieve success in these professions, particularly within the emerging field of practice working with boys and young men of color. We achieve this with a professional men’s speaker’s series, job training, paid internship, and college prep activities. The program brings local males of color into careers such as education, social work, public health and organizing, in which men are greatly underrepresented yet much needed by boys and their communities.

  • Serves young men in 11th and 12th grade in Oakland schools
  • Helps students finish high school ready for college and careers
  • Provides 2 years including summer and school year paid internships
  • Teaches leadership, self-esteem, and life-skills
  • Gives $650 for Juniors and $800 for senior’s stipend per semester

To apply contact: John Moreno (510)559-1590 EXT 103

Brothers Helping Brothers

Thank you for helping me to be here today and not running the streets gang-banging.

– Lamarcus, Brothers Helping Brothers participant

Brothers Helping Brothers has developed models for gender-responsive individual, group and family counseling, as well as case management and crisis intervention to male youth experiencing social-emotional and behavioral issues, with a focus on those affected by violence. Our interventions build life skills to succeed at school, at home and within the community. This service is offered to Brothers, UNITE! and Lift a Brother Up participants as a “wrap-around” support, and may be offered to other youth at schools and agencies through contracts or BOTR’s eventual placement as a County approved Medical provider.

Trail Brothers

Trail Brothers is an environmental education initiative that connects male youth served by BOTR to nature through hiking, camping and other forms of outdoor exploration.

Community Capacity Building and Systems Change

Community Capacity Building: Training, Coaching, Convening, and Consultation. 

Our program not only provides a valuable service to male youth and their families, they also provide an opportunity to develop best practices which we then spread throughout the community. By building the capacity of teachers and youth providers at human service agencies, public and private institutions, we broaden our impact and help build up the emerging field of boys and men’s work. In this way, Brothers on the Rise strengthens and expands services for youth while building a strong movement around this important issue.

Common to all these services is a gender-responsive approach for male youth that focuses on building resiliency through core modalities of manhood training and positive rites of passage, media literacy and arts education, and sportsmanship and fitness. We also utilize a cascading mentorship model in which high school aged young men help deliver programs for middle and elementary school boys, and middle and elementary school boys provide peer education as well as lead social action projects addressing important community issues to boys of a younger age. For an organizational flier, click here.

To inquire about our direct services programs, to arrange a training (which may be offered free of charge to Alameda County schools and agencies) or set up a technical assistance package including program curricula, coaching for teachers/providers and consultation for administration, please contact us at or call 510-559-1590 x 101