Brothers On The Rise

Brothers on the Rise is a dual direct service-systems change organization which responsibly empowers male youth to achieve individual success, develop healthy relationships and contribute to a more just and equitable society. We accomplish this through comprehensive gender-responsive, culturally appropriate, preventive, pipeline programs that directly serve boys and young men of color.

We also provide capacity building for schools, nonprofits and public agencies through training, coaching, curriculum development, consulting, convening, research and writing – all empowering the community towards more effective and equitable practice. Through these programs, BOTR and its partners help to raise, educate and develop boys into responsible, peaceful, caring and productive young men. Brothers on the Rise is based in Oakland with programs impacting youth, families, teachers and providers throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

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Our Work

Direct Services

BOTR serves male youth aged 9-24 through Brothers, UNITE! and Lift a Brother Up. Offered year round at Oakland schools and parks, these initiatives build literacy, life skills, leadership, and career skills. The Brothers, UNITE! manhood training program for boys is led by caring adult male leaders assisted by young men acting as paid interns within Lift a Brother Up. This powerful cascading mentoring model creates a pipeline to personal, academic and professional success.

Training & Technical Assistance

BOTR builds capacity for Bay Area schools, nonprofits and public agencies to implement boys and young men’s programs, including through use of BOTR direct service models. We also help institutions to more effectively and equitably serve male youth of color, and to meet their targeted outcomes with this population. This is achieved through workshops, curricula, coaching, consultation and convening, including facilitation of task forces and learning communities.