Brothers on the Rise offers training workshops for providers, supervisors, managers and administrators of schools, nonprofits and public agencies serving boys and young men of color. The workshops offer best, emerging and innovative practices, policies and procedures which empower partner organizations to facilitate equitable outcomes with male youth at their sites. Some workshops may be offered free through a contract BOTR has with Fred Finch Youth Center.



Brothers on the Rise has curricula it uses internally and shares with contract partners to implement boys and young men’s programming at their sites, and/or to be more gender and culturally responsive in their education, youth development, mental health and employment programming. We have developed direct service curricula as well as training manuals that contribute to staff development and systems change.



Brothers on the Rise has well-established and tested tools it can offer schools and agencies. We also consistently develop new ones through consultation tailored to the needs of each partner. With BOTR support, organizations have implemented after-school enrichment, school day counseling, job training, parent education, staff development and administrative audits of policies and procedures – all which result in more effective practice and equitable outcomes with male youth of color.



Brothers on the Rise convenes male youth serving professionals to build community capacity and foster collaboration around this important work. We have successfully facilitated school-based task forces, sector wide learning communities, and grantee luncheons, successfully planning, coordinating and facilitating sessions led by BOTR staff and other field leaders.